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About Us


An essential tool for any poker player, All In Poker Odds is a brand new website where you can improve your poker skills by learning from your own or your friends' saved hands. Use the calculator or become a member now to access extra tools and features. Registration is free.

Poker Odds Calculator

Love poker but hate getting donked? Now you can find out just how lucky they (or you) got with the All In Poker Odds Calculator! Calculate your odds for all in situations with up to 5 players in 3 popular poker games - texas hold em, omaha and omaha hi/lo. Find out your win, tie and overall equity percentages.

Exact odds are given if the flop or turn is entered otherwise a number of random boards are simulated (currently 5000) giving an approximate calculation.

Replay Mode

With the replay mode feature you can see your odds at all stages of the hand. Analyse the odds and improve your game. It pays to know.

Save Your Greatest Poker Moments

There are great moments in the life of any poker player.

Whether it was the time you caught a 1 outer on the river, cracked someones aces to win the tournament or turned a royal in a home game, all members can save their hands and hand histories here on All In Poker Odds and relive history again.

Register now for free and keep a log of your key tournament or cash game hands.

Make an Animated Gif of your Poker Hand!

Share your greatest poker hands in forums or blogs! Click to view an example.
Make your own in 3 easy steps - 1. Register now FREE. 2. Save your hand. 3. Generate gif from "share this hand" tab.

Use it Free

You can use the calculator for free without registering however becoming a member will allow you to access extra features such as the ability to save your hands, keep a friend's list, save your hand histories, make animated gifs, write notes etc.

Gold Membership

Free members can upgrade to a GOLD membership at any time. GOLD membership unlocks access to the hand history importer as well as extra 'drawing to' odds (for all hands and game types) plus provides other features and benefits as they become available. Register now or upgrade to GOLD. Wanna free taste? Standard members will receive 10 free imports or 'drawing to' odds calculations.

Founder Profile

Hi, my name is Telica. I live in New Zealand.

I've been making websites for over 10 years and playing poker for 3. My favourite game is currently omaha hi/lo. I also play omaha and of course hold em. I'm mainly a tournament player and play on Hollywood Poker, Full Tilt and PokerStars.

I made this site mainly out of a desire to save and learn from my key tournament hands. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy the site. Become a member now or feel free to contact me. Good luck!

  Calculation screenshot
An example calculation.

'Drawing to' odds example screenshot
An example calculation with 'drawing to' odds unlocked.