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Can't raise an all-in that's been called - Posts

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Can't raise an all-in that's been called

See this hand (I am "Paradician"), I bet out $800 and got an All-In response for $1011, another guy calls that, when it comes back to me I can't raise further (I wanted to put the caller all-in too) - I could only call or fold. Luckily I went all-in on the flop and didn't get donked.

Is that normal, or should I have been allowed to raise more pre-flop?


It is normal. I believe if the all in raise was $1200 or more it would be considered a raise and that would mean you could re-raise preflop.

Here is the explanation: The minimum raise is double the bet in this case $1600. Seeing as $1011 falls closer to a call ($800) than a raise ($1600) I believe it is treated as a call meaning you can't re-raise.

I am not 100% sure whether a $1200 or $1600 all in would allow you to re-raise but i believe its $1200.


Cool, makes sense. Chur bro


Hmm this sort of situation came up at cossie last night, I have since tried to find the exact rule and have found that in order for the initial raiser to re-raise the all in must be more than the min. raise. So in the above example it would have to be an all in for $1600 or more.

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