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Importing hand histories - Posts

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Importing hand histories

Currently supported sites: pokerstars, full tilt and ongame network (hollywood poker, euro poker, poker room).

How to use:
Copy the entire hand history text and paste it into the box. Press the import button.

With full tilt you may have to copy using cntrl c as right mouse button doesn't work.

Any problems or questions ask them here, if you are using an unsupported site, contact us with a copy of the hand history example text and we may be able to add support for that site.


Bwin (ongame, taken over Pokerroom) has a slightly different hand history layout.



eek, i'll see what i can do.


Support for bwin has been added, any problems let me know.


still doesn't work for me atm


Well it works when I copy the history using Firefox but not with Opera.


can you copy and paste both into a text file and send to me?
I'll see if I can work around it.


ok will do


should be ok now.


Support for party poker has been added, if there are any problems post them here. note: will not work for hands that don't include the "Board: [" line.


Update 27th Jan 2012: Pokerstars may have changed their hand history format as imports don't appear to be working: working on a fix asap.


this has now been fixed.

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